Moving to Python 3

Posted on Sun 15 September 2019 in general • 1 min read

Python 3

Python 2 will reach its end of life in 01/01/2020. This means we will need to move our code to Python 3.

This work already began, and an issue was opened #110.

However, this is not an easy task for us to move to Python 3 because:

  • we have few unit tests to be sure we don't break everything
  • we have some rewrite modules that we need to replace with dependencies:

    • fofix.core.Collada (issue #11)
    • fofix.core.LinedConfigParser (PR #203).

Furthermore, we have the same work to do in Fretwork (issue #57).


Before moving FoFiX to Python 3, we need to do some things:

  • in Fretwork:

    • releasing Fretwork 1.0
    • writing max unittests for Fretwork
    • moving Fretwork to Python 3
    • releasing Fretwork 2.0
  • in FoFiX:

    • removing fofix.core.LinedConfigParser
    • replacing fofix.core.Collada
    • releasing FoFiX 4.0
    • writing max unittests for FoFiX
    • moving FoFiX to Python 3
    • releasing FoFiX 5.0

This list may be not complete, but it gives an idea of the remaining work.

So, for now, Python 3 is planned for Fretwork 2.0 and FoFiX 5.0.